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Home Remodel & New Home Construction in Fort Wayne, IN

At Rivers Edge Construction & Remodeling, we believe that your home should reflect your unique style, meet your evolving needs, and provide the utmost comfort for you and your family. 


Our passion lies in turning your dreams into reality through our comprehensive home remodel and interior remodeling services. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Our Home Remodel & Construction Work

New home building requires proficiency and experience to guarantee integrity and longevity while maximizing your budget. Similarly, a home remodel project is more effective when you choose a partner with the expertise to bring your vision to life. Browse our new home building and home remodeling services below to find the best solution for your property.

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New Home Building

Embark on the exciting journey of building your dream home with Rivers Edge Construction & Remodeling. Our team of expert architects, designers, and builders collaborate to create a space that’s more than just a house — it’s a testament to your lifestyle! From conceptualization to construction, we ensure every detail aligns with your vision to make your dream home into a reality.

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Additions & Exterior Remodeling

Need more space? Our additions and exterior remodeling services are designed to integrate new elements into your existing home seamlessly. Whether it's adding a sunroom, expanding your living room, or enhancing your home's curb appeal, our team preserves the harmony of your home while giving it a fresh, modern touch.

3213 Foxfire Ln - Rivers Edge-33_Final.jpg

Interior Remodeling

From cozy family rooms to elegant living rooms, our interior remodeling experts enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your living spaces. Imagine a harmonious blend of comfort and sophistication, where your family can gather and create lasting memories.

5976 Liam Ln-7.jpg

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and we understand its importance. Our kitchen remodeling services blend functionality with style, creating a space where culinary excellence meets aesthetic brilliance. From custom cabinetry to advanced appliances, we transform kitchens into inviting, efficient spaces that cater to your lifestyle.

2021 Rivers Edge Spec-44.jpg

Bathroom Remodeling

Escape to a haven of luxury and comfort with our bathroom remodeling services. Whether you desire a spa-like retreat or a sleek modern design, we specialize in creating bathrooms that are both functional and indulgent. Our attention to detail ensures a seamless integration of design and functionality for a space of relaxation and rejuvenation.

3213 Foxfire Ln - Rivers Edge-52_Final.jpg

Basement Remodeling

Transform your basement into a hub of entertainment, a functional home office, a luxurious guest suite, or additional storage space. No matter your needs, our designers optimize space and lighting to maximize the potential of your basement.

Choose Home Remodel Experts to Maximize the Value of Your Home

Discover the potential within your home and elevate your lifestyle with Rivers Edge Construction & Remodeling. 


Whether you require new home construction or interior remodeling, we have the expertise to maximize the comfort and value of your home. 


To schedule a free consultation and take the first step toward transforming your home into a masterpiece, contact us today.

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