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Kitchen Renovation Contractors in Fort Wayne, IN

A kitchen can be a great place to prepare food, eat, and socialize with loved ones. But if your current kitchen is outdated, unsightly, or too small, it can be a detriment to your home rather than a boon. If you want to enjoy a kitchen that truly meets your needs, turn to Rivers Edge Construction and Remodel. Our kitchen remodeling contractors are ready to help you in Fort Wayne, IN.

What Elements of the Kitchen Can We Remodel?

A kitchen renovation often contains a lot of various components to upgrade, replace, or remake. We can handle them all. Some kitchen remodeling components we commonly work with include:

  • Countertops: Whether you want to upgrade old countertops or get more countertop space, we can provide the best in countertop materials and designs.

  • Cabinets: Want to take away current cabinets or simply refresh existing cabinets? We can do anything with cabinets you want us to.

  • Lighting: The lighting in your kitchen helps you set the mood and have proper illumination for your various activities. We can install whatever lighting you want wherever you want it to go.

  • Plumbing: Want to upgrade to a larger sink? We can upgrade, change out, or fix up the plumbing your kitchen has.

  • Appliances: Want to upgrade your fridge, dishwasher, or microwave? We can ensure the appliances you have meet your needs.


No matter what kitchen remodeling needs you have, we can meet them.

New Builds

Why Choose Our Kitchen Renovation Contractors?

When you decide to hire Rivers Edge Construction and Remodel for your kitchen remodel, you get an entire team devoted to your complete satisfaction. We don’t just change out a few cabinets and call it good — we have a dedicated project manager and a team that will be there for you every step of the way.

In addition, all you have to worry about is letting us know what you want for your new kitchen. We can design and implement it, as well as take care of all permits, paperwork, and inspections.

If you’re ready for a beautiful new kitchen, call us today.

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