Whether it's the exterior, the interior, or a complete new house, we've got you covered.

We give you custom care and guidance through each step of the process.

  1. Your first step is to request an estimate. Glenn will come to your home and walk through your ideas with you. After they have determined the products and hours needed to complete your project, you can expect an estimate to be emailed to you within a week.
  2. Once you have looked over the estimate and have approved the scope of work, Glenn will meet with you to go over the work contract.
  3. Your project will be added to our work schedule, and we will communicate the start date and other service call times with you. (Scheduling is dependent on projects already on the schedule.)
  4. Once work on your project is completed, our Project Manager will have you sign off on the scope of work that was completed. Glenn will do a final walk through with you to ensure your satisfaction.






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